Saturday, January 12, 2008

I guess I'm just a flake-lover...

Sweet goodness of's back below freezing and a nice new white blanket of snowcover has restored my faith in the elements!

Those 40+ degree days did a lot of melting of our December snows, but now things are getting back to being where they should be for a Wisconsin Winter. For a few days there, I was having Nashville winter flashbacks...not a pretty scenario. It's wonderful that global warming hasn't yet destroyed the entire planet.

: )

Thursday, January 3, 2008

-7 to >40 degrees is just downright crazy...

Okay, okay, I love the cold weather and the fact that we almost set the biggest snowfall record in the month of December. Last night actual temperatures dropped below -7°F and today reached a balmy 20°F. That part is fine. We've still got a compacted snow cover outside and on many of the roofs of the well-insulated houses.
But...there's a darn warm front headed this way. Enough to pop the temps up another 20 degrees, and melt enough of the snow to have to consider things like flooding (all the storm drains are pretty much frozen solid with snow and ice right now) and yards that turn into extra large super slushies. Can you tell that I'd prefer things stay frozen for a little while longer?
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